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Band Info 6/21/2017

Hello Eveyone,

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Monday! Here are a few reminders before we begin:

Squad Leaders

Please report on Monday at 5:00 PM to get everything set up and ready for the first rehearsal.

Summer Absences

If you have not already done so, please register your summer absences on the google form.

Summer Absence Form

Remember, students are expected to be at every rehearsal unless they are on vacation or at camp.

Next Week's Rehearsals

Our first rehearsal for the July 4th Parade will be on Monday, June 26th from 6-9 PM.  Please be on time and ready to march! Please wear tennis shoes and athletic shorts. If you have band camp paperwork to turn in, you can bring it to rehearsal.  There will be a box to collect forms.

We will spend part of our rehearsal inside working on the music and the rest of the time outside.  Every band member should bring a full water jug with your name on all piece to each rehearsal!  Also, make sure to eat some dinner before coming to practice.

Medical Forms

On the medical permission form that we need to collect, there is a line that asks you to "attach a copy of the most recent immunization record and circle tetanus."  I bring this up because it is easy to miss and several forms have come in without this copy attached.

If you have not yet turned in your band camp paperwork please don't forget to attach the immunization record.

If you already turned in your band camp forms and forgot this copy, please simply turn it in in the box on the piano in the band room.  Make sure your child's name is clearly visible on the copy.  

Summer Uniforms

Please be sure to purchase your summer uniform if you have not already done so.

Summer band uniforms may be purchased at Embroidery Design Group, 2564 Billingsley Road, Columbus, OH 43235 anytime between now and the end of June.  Their hours of operation are 8 AM-7 PM M, T &TH, 8 AM-5 PM on W and F, and 11-2 on Saturdays. The uniform consists of the polo shirt, shorts, and ball cap.  The cost for the entire summer uniform will be $54. We will use the uniforms for the first time at the Dublin July 4th Parade. You will need to provide your own brown belt, white ankle socks and white tennis shoes for the summer uniform. 

Parade Information

On Tuesday, July 4th, students should report to Metro Place North off of Frantz Rd. (Behind Max & Erma's) at 10:00 AM in summer uniform, instrument in hand, no cases.  We are the second band in the parade this year, so students can walk back along the parade route to meet their parents. The parade ends at Dublin Rd. and Waterford Drive. I would suggest dropping your student off at the beginning of the parade and parking somewhere near the end.


Mr. Stevens


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